Hey hey horror fans,

I wanted to explain a few things before I begin with my movie reviews.  This is your preliminary warning for any and all SPOILER ALERTS.  If they’re not essential to my post, then I will try and avoid them.  But if you know horror movies you know how a good twist can make all the difference, so always be wary of the *SPOILER ALERT* warning I will put in my post before revealing any major information.

Secondly, I’m a critical person when it comes to my horror movies: predictable plots from the outset, overly stereotypical characters, bad effects.  That being said, I’m no ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ either.  (Have you ever seen a movie with a passing score on that site?  Didn’t think so.)  I’ll try to even be more critical for this blog so that it can be more reputable, but if I like a movie that didn’t do well in the box office, I’m not going to lie about it.  All movies deserve a second chance (well, almost all of them).

How to read: My entries will generally follow this format:
        -director/ author
        -studios/ publisher
        -MPAA rating (for movies)
        -genre – to help  you get an overview of psychopaths, vampires, zombies, etc
        -scare score – my personal rating of how actually frightening the piece is
        -rating – my personal rating of the piece overall

        -Then I’ll have a general plot summary, my personal critiques of things I loved
         or loathed, fun facts, and sometimes even a gore score if the work permits.

If I think of more things to say, I’ll post them later on.  Enjoy the reviews for now; I hope it helps you choose a good horror movie to watch, late at night, home alone (or so you think).

Stay scary.